Delivery and shipping modalities

Dear Customer,

Please note our changed shipping terms for Reformation Day on 31.10.2022:

Monday, 10/31/2022 no shipping

Tuesday, 01.11.2022 shipping (exception)


ATTENTION: In CW44, shipping will be on TUESDAY, 01.11.2022 for the following countries:

Spain, Hungary


From Wednesday, 02.11.2022, all orders will be shipped in chronological order according to our usual shipping conditions. According to our experience, there may be severe delays in shipping and delivery before and after holidays. We ask you to plan for this in your order and stocking!

We wish you a relaxing holiday.


Your Team from Frostfutter Vertrieb


The shipping times refer to the time from which your order is received by us. Please note our shipping days and that the processing of your order also takes time of 1-2 working days.
Please note, we are not responsible for the loss or thawing of the goods if you make a rerouting, change of address, drop off authorization, etc. with the shipping service provider.

If you have any complaint at the time of delivery of the goods, please contact our customer service at and please note that complaints can only be processed with photos of the goods. Thank you very much. 

Shipping costs
The shipping costs depend on the desired carrier, the shipping method (standard or express) and the weight of the shipment. The costs also depend on whether the shipment is made within Germany or in other European countries. Please refer to the respective tables for details on this and further details of shipping - please click on the desired country.

Note: Promotions with free shipping apply exclusively to shipping within Germany!

>>> Shipping within Germany
>>> Shipping to Austria
>>> Shipping to Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium
>>> Shipping to France
>>> Shipping to Denmark
>>> Shipping to Hungary
>>> Shipping to Spain

Packaging costs
As our products are packaged with particular care and stability, additional packaging costs in the amount of € 1,00 accrue. For frozen and chilled articles as well as for all products from our BAF to GO assortment, another 3,00 € for the polystyrene box (possibly including dry ice) are added. Per 26 kg of goods, besides the shipping costs, accordingly a maximum of 4 € will be charged for the packaging, regardless of the recipient country.

Shipping methods
Our partner companies DHL and DPD conscientiously ensure with their competent team that our packages arrive safely and intact at your home. Please keep in mind: The shipment of your goods may be delayed by a few days, if between the order and the delivery are Sundays, holidays or our company holidays. In general, you can choose between standard and express delivery.

Carton sizes
Please note the size of our cartons, as they may not be accepted at packing stations above a certain size. We ship our frozen goods in styrofoam boxes with outer cartons in three different sizes (w x d x h).
Up to 5 kg: 40 cm x 30 cm x 17 cm
Up to 12 kg: 49 cm x 37 cm x 27 cm
Up to 26 kg: 59 cm x 45,5 cm x 40 cm

Standard shipping
For standard shipping the goods leave our house on Mondays and Wednesdays. If payment is received until 7 a.m., the ordered goods will usually be shipped on the same day. Ordered goods are usually shipped on the same day, after receipt of payment until 9 a.m.

Express shipping
Regardless of the chosen carrier, with express shipping goods will be dispatched Mondays and Wednesdays. Ordered goods are usually sent on the same day, after receipt of payment until 9:00 a.m. Please keep in mind that for express shipping it is not possible to grant a signature release authorisation, personal acceptance must be guaranteed.

Express shipping note: Express shipping orders must be received in person.

Safety and eco-friendliness

We guarantee a completely functioning cold chain, if the order quantity of the respective goods optimally fits to our packaging units. The more filled the cartons are, the easier it is to realize the desired cooling. For cartons up to 12 kg, the cold chain is secured at a goods weight from 7 kg on, for cartons up to 26 kg it is secured at a goods weight from 20 kg on.

The cold chain refers to the continuous maintenance of the legally required refrigeration temperature to ensure the quality and shelf life of the goods.

Shipping within Germany

Shipping days:
DHL Standard: Shipping Monday and Wednesday.
DPD Express: Shipping Monday and Wednesday until 09:00

Free shipping from a 120 Euro value of goods: 
For orders with a value of goods of 120 Euro or more, we will ship your goods within Germany free of shipping costs. Excluded is the shipment by express delivery. 
This applies only to standard shipping via DHL (shipping days: Monday and Wednesday), not for express delivery.

Weight of goods DHL Standard
  1–7 working days
per 26 kg 7,90 €*
Weight of goods DPD Express
  1-3 working days
per 26 kg 8,50 €*

*incl. VAT

Shipping to Austria

Shipping days:
DPD Standard: Shipping only on Monday, with a payment received by the previous Friday 7:00. 

*incl. VAT

Shipping to Luxembourg and Belgium

Shipping days:
DPD Express (Guaranty Package): Shipping on Monday.

Weight of goods DPD Express (Guaranty Package)
  1–7 working days
per 26 kg 21,30 €*

*incl. VAT

Shipping to France and the Netherlands

Shipping days:
DPD Express (Guaranty Package): Shipping on Monday.

Weight of goods DPD Express (Guaranty Package)
  1–7 working days
per 26 kg 21,30 €*

*incl. VAT

Shipping to Denmark

Shipping days:
DPD Express (Guaranty Package): Shipping on Monday.

Weight of goods DPD Express (Garantiepaket)
  1-7 working days
per 26 kg 21,30 €*

*incl. VAT

Shipping to Hungary

Shipping days:
DHL Standard: Shipping on Monday.

Weight of goods DPD Standard
  1–7 working days
per 26 kg 28,00 €*

*incl. VAT

Shipping to Spain

Shipping days:
DPD Standard: Shipping on Monday.

The payment of the order must be received until Wednesday, 9 a.m., so that the goods can leave our house on the following Monday.

Weight of goods DPD Standard
  1–7 working days
per 26 kg 28,00 €*

*incl. VAT

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