You have questions concerning technics/registration or problems with your order?

You have questions concerning technology/registration or problems with your order? In the following section, you will definitely find the right answer. Simply click on the appropriate question. If your problem persists or if you wish to have additional information, feel free to use our contact form. We will contact you as soon as possible.

How and until when can I cancel my order?

Product with standard shipping: cancellation on the day of order till 3:00 p.m.

The cancellation can only be accepted via phone. phone: 0 38 76-61 09 76 01

The legal right of withdrawal is not affected by the cancellation option.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we deliver to Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Austria, Denmark and the Netherlands.

How does the online registration/login work?

Please enter your e-mail address that you have stored in your account in the field "e-mail address". Then enter your freely chosen password in the field "password" and click the "login" button.

Why is there no user name anymore and how do I register now?

Due to the frequent loss of the user names, we have simplified the registration procedure. Now you have to remember only the e-mail address with which you registered and your personal password.

How can I change my name/my address?

Such a change can quickly be done. Go to the menu item "your account" - "my address" and enter the changed name or the new address.

Can I access my account information online?

Yes, at the menu item "my account". You can always view all information and check the status of your current and completed orders.

What features does the menu item „your account“ offer?

You can view all information and status reports on current and past orders, check the shipping status and information, change your shipping address or e-mail address and manage information services such as newsletters.

What can I do if I forget my e-mail address?

The e-mail address with which you registered is identical to the one on which you received your order confirmations. If you still cannot remember it, feel free to send us a request via our contact form.

Therein, please tell us your full name, postal code, date of birth, telephone number and a valid e-mail address. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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