Wet Food Complete Menu Chicken & Turkey

Easily digestible poultry meat
The Fix-BAF® complete menu chicken & turkey consists of an easily digestible mixture of chicken and turkey meat. The chicken meat is processed with skin, so your dog can get the necessary energy from it and from the extra portion of turkey fat. Offal and bones are also processed in this menu. Together with fruit, vegetables and natural supplements such as poultry blood powder, cod liver oil, seaweed meal and eggshell powder, this creates a healthy complete food for dogs.

High quality and long shelf life
Our cooked Fix-BAF® complete menus are a healthy alternative to our raw Fix-BARF® menus. The wet food is made from the same high-quality raw materials as our raw menus and is therefore in no way inferior to them in terms of quality. By gentle cooking in their own juice, our wet food complete menus are preserved for about 2 years without refrigeration. Like the raw complete menus, the cooked Fix-BAF® menus are also complete foods.

Wet food as an ideal BARF alternative
Fix-BAF® is ideal for dogs that reject raw meat or do not tolerate it well but also for households with little refrigeration and freezing facilities, difficulties in handling raw meat or for stays on vacation, the dog boarding kennel, etc. In all cases, our Fix-BAF® wet food is the ideal, healthy alternative, if value is placed on a high-quality, balanced and supplemented as needed food.

This product was developed in collaboration with our veterinary practitioner Petra von Quillfeldt.

Weight of the dog Recommended amount of food
1 - 5 kg 100 - 200 g
5 - 10 kg 200 - 300 g
10 - 20 kg 300 - 500 g
20 - 30 kg 500 - 600 g
30 - 40 kg 600 - 800 g


The values in the table are to be regarded as rough guide values. Depending on the activity, age and breed of the dog, the data may vary significantly.

This product is a complete feed for dogs.

Composition: 33,4 % chicken muscle meat with skin, 16,7 % chicken necks, 11,7 % turkey heart, 11,7 % turkey stomach, 4,7 % turkey fat, 15 % pumpkin, 5 % pears, 2,0 % pouktry blood powder, wheatgern oil, egg shell meal, liver cod oil, seaweed meal, salt, Vitamin-Mix (Taurin, B1, B2, B5, B6, Biotin und Folic Acid)

  • Refrigerated Item: No
  • Taxation: Reduced rate
  • Product Type: Single Article
  • Poultry: Yes

Additional Information
Analytical composition
13,4 %
7,5 %
1,2 %
0,7 %
76,2 %

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