Wet Food Complete Menu Beef & Horse - Fix-BAF®

Natural ingredients for a species-appropriate diet
The gently cooked Fix-BAF® complete menu beef & horse consists of a large portion of fresh beef combined with offal from the horse. This combination makes the menu particularly hearty and healthy. Natural ingredients such as beef blood, horse liver and cod liver oil, as well as seaweed meal, salt and bone meal ensure that your pussycat is supplied with all the important nutrients in the right amounts.

Delicious and satisfying at the same time
The beef in this menu together with the additional portion of beef fat provides the necessary energy for your cat and serves the supply of important amino acids. The vitamin D requirement is covered by the cod liver oil, fiber gets your velvet paw in the form of raw grated vegetables, which ensures a good digestion.

High quality and long shelf life
Our cooked Fix-BAF® complete menus are a healthy alternative to our raw Fix-BARF® menus. The wet food is made from the same high-quality raw materials as our raw menus and is therefore in no way inferior to them in terms of quality. By gentle cooking in their own juice, our wet food complete menus are preserved for about 2 years without refrigeration. Like the raw complete menus, the cooked Fix-BAF® menus are also complete feeds.

Wet food as an ideal BARF alternative
Fix-BAF® is ideal for cats that refuse or cannot tolerate raw meat but also for households that have few refrigeration and freezing facilities, have difficulties in handling raw meat or for stays in the veterinary clinic or cat boarding kennels when raw meat feeding is not possible there. In all cases our Fix-BAF® wet food is the ideal, healthy alternative. And of course, always when value is placed on a high-quality, balanced and supplemented as needed food.

Advantages of our Fix-BAF-Menus at one glance:

  • gently cooked in its own juice
  • balanced complete food of the highest quality
  • addition of nutrients as needed, individually calculated for each menu
  • can be kept for up to 2 years without refrigeration
  • pouch as practical packaging
  • free from artificial additives, sugar and cereals
  • contains no inferior animal by-products
  • no processing of vegetable ingredients except for important dietary fiber



59 % beef meat, 13 % horse heart, 5 % horse lung, 5 % beef breast bone, 2,6 % horse liver, 5,2 % horse fat, 0,08 % liver cod oil, 0,1 % salmon oil, 0,1 % seaweed meal, 4,2 % beef blood, 0,3 % bone meal, 0,2 % egg shell meal, 0,1 % Vitamin E, 0,01 % salt, 0,1 % Taurin, 5 % vegetables / dietary fibre, 0,02 % Vitamin-B-Mix

Analytical components:

Crude protein 17,8 %
Crude fat 8,1 %
Crude ash 1,3 %
Crude fibre 0,3 %
Moisture 73,6 %

This product was developed in collaboration with our veterinary practitioner Petra von Quillfeldt. 

Feeding recommendation:
1 - 2 kg: 50 - 100 g
3 - 5 kg: 100 - 200 g
6 - 8 kg: 200 - 280 g
9 - 10 kg: 280 - 350 g

  • Refrigerated Item: No
  • Taxation: Reduced rate
  • Product Type: Single Article
  • Beef: Yes
  • Horse: Yes
  • Offal: Yes
  • Bones & Cartilage: Yes

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