Black gold with many health benefits 
Biochar contributes to improved well-being, more vitality and healthy digestion. It can stimulate the appetite of fussy dogs and also contribute to a more efficient utilization of food. Charcoal also has a positive effect on the coat and bone structure.

Natural Supplement Made in Germany
Only wood from sustainable forestry is used for our biochar, which is sourced from the immediate vicinity of the production site. The subsequent charring is done in Germany using a patented pyrolysis process. This unique production method guarantees the highest quality and a gentle treatment of our environment.

Composition: 100 % plant charcoal from sustainably managed forestry operations.

Feeding recommendation
Biochar should always be administered moist and can simply be mixed with the rest of the food or in the drinking water. In case of acute poisoning, it should be administered in liquid form with sufficient water. In case of additional medication, we strongly advise to consult a veterinarian before feeding.

The biochar can be fed permanently, but we recommend a break of three days every ten days. An overdose is not possible with targeted administration, side effects are not known.

This product is a single feed for dogs.

Dosage per day
Dogs up to 20 kg: 1.5 g
Dogs 20 - 40 kg: 3 g
Dogs over 40 kg: 6 g
Cats: 1.5 g

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  • Product Type: Single Article

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