Wet Food - Complete Menu with horse

Wet Food-Complete Menu with horse & sweet potato

This cooked menu contains everything your dog needs: The Wet Food-Complete Menu with horse is particularly rich in protein and low in fat. Horse meat is especially suitable for allergic dogs as well as for overweight, inactive or older four-legged friends. The pre-cooked sweet potatoes offer your animal an extra dose of carbohydrates and fibres, while the carefully selected supplements such as BARF-Perle-Oil 1, BARF Perle-MineralVitPowder, seaweed meal and herbs also ensure that your dog gets everything with this wet food that he or she needs for a healthy and species-appropriate meal. A tasty food composition – ready to go. 

Available in 180 and 380 g tins with ring-pull-closure. After opening, please store in a cool place and feed within 2 to 3 days.




73,5 % Horse meat
22 % Sweet potatoes
Barf-Perle-Oil 1
Seaweed meal and herbs

  • Taxation: Reduced rate
  • Product Type: Single Article
  • Horse: Yes

Additional Information
Analytical composition
16,1 %
7 %
1,5 %
0,6 %
71,1 %

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