Chicken Carcass (minced)

Chicken carcasses are not only delicious, they are also an important nutrient supplier due to their high calcium content. The carcasses are completely minced with gristles and meat remnants and are suitable for dogs of all ages and sizes, but also for cats.

Composition: 100 % chicken with gristles

Attention: Please feed this product only raw! Since the minced chicken carcasses consist to a large extent of bones and gristles, which become splintered when heated, this could lead to injuries to the gastrointestinal tract of your four-legged friend.

  • Refrigerated Item: Yes
  • Taxation: Reduced rate
  • Product Type: Single Article
  • Poultry: Yes
  • Bones & Cartilage: Yes
  • Art des Futtermittels Einzelfuttermittel für Hunde und Katzen

Additional Information
Analytical composition
15 %
15 %
6 %
62 %

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