Beef as a nutrient supplier
Beef is one of the most popular types of meat for raw feeding. It is rich in nutrients and provides important calories due to its quite high fat content. Both the beef and the chicken carcass are finely minced, which makes the Chicken-Beef-Mix ideal for puppies, seniors or dogs that are too lazy to chew, but also for every other dog. Surely some cats will also like this composition.

Chicken carcass for the calcium supply 
Chicken carcasses are not only delicious, they are also an important nutrient supplier due to their high calcium content. The carcasses are finely minced with gristles and meat remnants and should only be fed raw, as the contained bones would become splintered when heated.

An exclusive mix of beef & chicken
Our frozen food variation of beef and chicken consists of 100 % natural raw materials from Germany, which are freshly processed, packed and shipped in our in-house production. Since all of our cattle originate from pasture grazing, the meat is especially rich in essential nutrients and, when combined with chicken carcass, it guarantees a healthy and delicious BARF-meal.

50 % chicken carcass
50 % beef

  • Refrigerated Item: Yes
  • Taxation: Reduced rate
  • Product Type: Single Article
  • Beef: Yes
  • Poultry: Yes
  • Bones & Cartilage: Yes
  • Art des Futtermittels Ergänzungsfuttermittel für Hunde

Additional Information
Analytical composition
15 %
24 %
3,7 %
60 %

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