Meat strips of beef

Tasty & nutritious
Beef is one of the most popular types of meat for raw feeding and can also be fed dried as a chew. It is rich in nutrients and provides important calories due to its quite high fat content. With our meat strips of beef you can give your four-legged friend a very tasty and healthy pleasure.
The flexible strips are characterised by their high meat content of 96 % and are suitable for dogs and cats of all sizes and ages.

100% beef

Since it is a natural product, the analyses may be subject to fluctuations.

Feeding recommendation:
This product is feed material for dogs and cats. Feed this chewing product as a supplement to the main feed and reduce the amount of the main feed as needed. Not suitable as a complete feed.

Attention: Never feed chews without supervision and always provide your four-legged friends with enough fresh water.

  • Taxation: Standard rate
  • Product Type: Single Article
  • Beef: Yes
  • Art des Futtermittels Einzelfuttermittel für Hunde und Katzen

Additional Information
Analytical composition
52,9 %
15,4 %
6,4 %
0,4 %
19 %

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