Beef/Chicken (thyroid special food)

The Fix-BARF menu beef/chicken in case of hyperthyroidism of the cat is characterized by a very low iodine content in the food (150 g Fix-BARF SDÜ/thyroid – that equates a daily portion for a 4 kg cat (circa) – contain 16 μ iodine.) So a complete nutrition of the cat, which suffers from hyperthyroidism, can be ensured while protecting against an acute iodine deficiency.

The composition of this menu corresponds to a Fix-BARF-Basic Menu in the usual way. All ingredients are selected and compiled thoroughly. The meat is of high quality and the supplements are calculated individually for each single recipe. Like all menus from the Fix-BARF-series, it is a complete feed.

With a high percentage of beef (from pasture grazing), refined with offal from chicken, salmon and salmon oil, this menu is a delicacy for your cat. We totally abandon any addition of carbohydrates (except indigestible fibres) and thus ensure a close-to-nature nutrition for your cat.

58,00 % Beef (lean 5 % fat)
10,00 % Chicken hearts
10,00 % Chicken stomach
7,37 % Chicken fat
4,00 % Beef blood
3,00 % Chicken liver
1,14 % Salmon
5,00 % Carrots

<2%: Salmon oil, eggshell, beer yeast, meat and bone meal, sea salt, taurine, vitamin E, iron (II)-sulfate, vitamin D3

  • Refrigerated Item: Yes
  • Taxation: Reduced rate
  • Product Type: Single Article
  • Beef: Yes
  • Poultry: Yes
  • Fish: Yes
  • Offal: Yes

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