Chicken / beef (finely minced)

Our menu “chicken / beef (finely minced)” for adult cats is tasty and healthy. It is made of high-quality chicken and beef. Along with being easy to digest, it also needs to fulfil the need for energy and the fatty acids, hence the poultry is used with the skin, in this way there is ideal fat content in our menu.

We use bovine blood for the iron supply, the cat also gets additional nutrients like, for example, the eggshells for the calcium, salmon for the vitamin-D, liver for the supply of vitamin-A and seaweed meal for the iodine.

Freshly ground vegetables are used for dietary fibre, which cannot be utilized by the cats in this form, thus help to support the intestinal health and digestion.

All the ingredients of the animal origin, except for salmon for the vitamin-D, come from exclusively poultry and beef.

40% chicken
20% beef neck
10% chicken heart
10% chicken stomach
2.5% beef liver
5.3% bovine blood
4% salmon
2% chicken fat
5% carrots as well as

1.2% supplements: Eggshells, seaweed meal, salt (without iodine, without fluoride), taurine, dicalcium phosphate, folic acid, B1, vitamin-E and salmon oil.

  • Taxation: Reduced rate
  • Product Type: Single Article
  • Beef: Yes
  • Poultry: Yes
  • Fish: Yes
  • Offal: Yes
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