Chicken / Beef (kidney special food)

Fix-BARF renal chicken/beef is a special kidney food for chronically ill cats. High-quality muscle meat without connective tissue, such as chicken breast and quality-tested beef from pasture grazing form the basis for a tasty and healthy raw meat food in this menu. Completely complemented with all supplements, you hereby have a complete food of special quality.

Unlike conventional kidney food (wet and dry food), we do NOT use any grains or other herbal ingredients (except indigestible fibres). Equipped with a very high meat content, our kidney special food Fix-BARF renal chicken/beef is a culinary delight for cats with chronic kidney problems and is eagerly eaten by them.

But nevertheless - the phosphate content is reduced by 30% (!), the calcium is supplemented to cover all requirements (Ca/P = 1,4/1) and the protein content is covering the needs at the lower value.

How can this be achieved?
We only use very high-grade muscle meat, the recipe contains an increased fat content (15 - 20%), the fibre content has been increased to 10%, and to further reduce the phosphate content, boiled egg white is used (over 90 % digestible and phosphate free).

The meals are also low in sodium and with increased amounts of iron (in this recipe covered with blood), B vitamins, vitamin E and taurine, because cats which suffer from kidney problems usually have a lack of it due to the increased excretion of urine and the limited renal function. The addition of pectin completes the renal meal, which binds toxins in the colon and supports the excretion of them, so the kidneys are relieved additionally.

Please note: The kidney special food is significantly reduced in phosphate, so half-yearly blood tests are essential for your renal disease suffering cat, in order to recognize any phosphate deficiency in good time and to assess the course of the disease under this feeding.

20,00% Chicken breast without skin
20,00% Beef breast fat
16,67% Chicken hearts
11,33% Egg white cooked
8,67% Chicken fat
6,67% Beef blood
6,67% Pumpkin raw
4,73% Table water
3,20% Chicken liver
1,33% Pectin

> 2%: eggshell, salmon oil, taurine, sodium, vitamin E, zinc, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, folic acid, iodine, selenium, vitamin B7

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  • Taxation: Reduced rate
  • Product Type: Single Article
  • Beef: Yes
  • Poultry: Yes
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