Delicious beef heart

A genuine energy booster: Beef heart is pure muscle meat, even though it is technically part of the offal. On account of the rim of fat, this product provides proteins from the tasty muscle meat, as well as immediately accessible energy. The pieces encourage chewing, thereby preventing plaque and dental calculus.

Our eBARF guarantee: While making this product, we only use the meat of cattle from QA-certified establishments. This means that we only use the meat of grazers that are kept in a species-appropriate manner. Premium, food-grade meat that is made in Germany.

100% beef heart - In pieces

  • Refrigerated Item: Yes
  • Taxation: Reduced rate
  • Product Type: Single Article
  • Beef: Yes
  • Offal: Yes
  • Meat in one piece: Yes
  • Art des Futtermittels Einzelfuttermittel für Hunde

Additional Information
Analytical composition
16 %
10 %
73 %

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