BARF Meal 3 for cats

The 3rd meal for cats is a genuine culinary delight. A delicately-minced beef tartar steak containing innards such as the heart and the liver and the additional cattle blood content turn this complete meal into a perfect BARF product. The fish content provides essential fatty acids and a sufficient amount of energy, while taurine serves supplies the essential amino acids. The seaweeds and wheat germ oil provide a sufficient quantity of iodine or vitamin E. Amaranth is a wonderful supplement: This ‘protein bomb’ supplies essential amino acids like lysine, as well as essential fatty acids.

Our eBARF guarantee: While making this product, we only use the meat of cattle from QA-certified establishments. This means that we use the meat of grazers that are kept in a species-appropriate manner. Since we are personally familiar with the establishments associated with our poultry farming operations, we can guarantee that the food-grade meat produced by these establishments is of a high quality.

60% tartar steak
20% fish
6% heart
6% liver
5% cattle blood
>3% calcium citrate, taurine, seaweeds, wheat germ oil, beer yeast and amaranth

  • Refrigerated Item: Yes
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