Mary Thistle Powder

Medicinal plant with a long tradition
The Mary Thistle has been used for healing purposes in humans since the Middle Ages, and for some years now it has also been used as a dietary supplement for dogs. The active ingredient complex silymarin contained in Mary Thistle strengthens, protects and detoxifies the liver and at the same time promotes bile flow and circulation.

Mary Thistle for liver diseases
The Mary thistle is one of the most important natural remedies for liver diseases: it has a strong antioxidant effect, protects the liver from cell toxins and at the same time supports its regeneration. Mary Thistle can be used preventively or for the treatment of toxic liver damage, chronic liver inflammation, cirrhosis or fatty liver.

Mary Thistle for hypothyroidism and cancer
Apart from its positive effect with liver diseases, Mary Thistle also has a supporting effect with kidney and pancreas diseases as well as giardia infestation and cancer. Especially older dogs as well as dogs with metabolic problems, overweight or skin problems benefit from the ingredients of the Mary Thistle.

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