BARF-Pearl oil 2

BARF-Pearl oil 2 is rich in fatty omega 3 acids (EPA = eicosapentaenoic acid and DHA = docosahexaenoic acid). These essential unsaturated fatty acids cannot be produced by the body itself, but they are part of the skin cell structure. They support and maintain the animal's skin and the coat naturally and promote the prevention of dandruff, dry skin, itching and dull fur.

But reducing the risk of tumors and protecting the heart and kidneys functions are also attributed to EPA and DHA. DHA is also dubbed as the "brain acid", because the brain stores especially much DHA. Wild carnivores get DHA from the brains of prey.
Give directly through the food. Feeding should be carried for a period of at least 4 weeks, if necessary, indefinitely. Keep the opened container the refrigerator and use within 6 months.

Vegetable oil, salmon oil, black seed oil, evening primrose oil, hemp oil

Analytical constituents and levels:
Crude fats and oils 100.00%
Crude fiber 0,00%
Crude ash 0,00%
Crude protein 0,00%

Additives per liter:
Vitamins, pro vitamins and chemically defined substances which have a similar effect: (E3a700) Vitamin E / all-rac-alpha tocopheryl acetate 6580 mg

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Additional Information
Analytical composition
100 %

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