Your four-legged friend has been waiting for this package!
Our new 25 kg Christmas Package contains everything that dogs love. It is bulgingly filled with finest frozen food, delicate mixes and selected snacks. If your dog loves our delicious Chicken-Beef-Mix, minced chicken, mouth meat or our Fish-Chicken-Mix, then this giant package will be just perfect for you! Two extra surprises for you! So that mistress and master are happy, too.

To grant you a special pleasure, you will find two surprises in our Christmas Package:
A copy of the extremely popular ORIGINAL-K&K-Petfood-Calendar 2019 is waiting for you – with beautiful snapshots of animal stars.

Also included is our practical K&K Petfood Box (worth 9,99 €). This special K&K Petfood/Frostfutter Perleberg Box is not only fantastic for storing already opened BARF-packages, it also makes proper thawing easier. Simply take the desired amount out of the deep freezer, put it on the drainage grille in the box and let it thaw overnight in the fridge. The opened BARF-packages can be stored in the box for 2-3 days in the fridge.

Take the opportunity now, before it's too late – this offer is valid from 22.11.2018 (8 a.m.) to 27.12.2018 (8 a.m.) and only while stocks last!

1 x 1000 g Beef Muscle Meat (minced)
2 x 1000 g Mouth meat (minced)
1 x 1000 g Chicken (minced)
2 x 500 g Breast Bone - Calcium Mix
2 x 1000 g Chicken beef mix
2 x 1000 g Green Rumen/Green Tripe
1 x 1000 g Power-Mix light
2 x 1000 g Omasum/Leaf Tripe
2 x 1000 g Beef-Mix (Goulash)
1 x 1000 g Beef Neck Meat minced (as grown)
1 x 1000 g Power-Mix
1 x 1000 g Udder (minced)
2 x 1000 g Beef-Mix with Rumen (Beef-Mix)
1 x 1000 g Rumen-Udder-Mix
1 x 1000 g Chewing (meat at a piece)
1 x 1000 g Winter-Mix

1 x 900 l Bovine Blood
1 x 500 g Fish chicken mix (minced)
1 x 500 g Fish beef Mix (minced)
1 x 500 g Piece of Beef Ear (with fur)

1 x Beef Ear dried

1 x ORIGINAL-K&K-Petfood-Calendar 2019
1 x K&K Petfood - Box (worth 9,99 €)

Note: Orders with the destination country being Belgium, Netherlands, France, Hungary or Spain increases the asking price to 73,99 € VAT included.
Note: If you order other articles with the BARF benefit package (not sample packages) these articles incur additional shipping, packing costs.

  • Refrigerated Item: Yes
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