ORGANIC-Green Rumen/Green Tripe

Our ORGANIC-Green Rumen/Green Tripe is a completely natural and ecological product. With many vitamins and minerals: ORGANIC-Green Rumen/Green Tripe. With this ORGANIC-product you will keep your four-legged friend especially fit! While the ORGANIC-Green Rumen/Green Tripe sustainably ensures a healthy gut flora of your fosterling, because of a variety of bacteria, it also delivers a lot of iron plus choline (importat for liver damages).

The ORGANIC-Green Rumen/Green Tripe verifiably originates from ORGANIC-animals that were only fed with ecologically-produced fodder, without any chemical additives.

The ORGANIC-Green Rumen/Green Tripe is not washed during the production process, but merely coarsely shaken out. So all plant fibres, important nutrients, vitamins and especially the flora and fauna of the products are preserved. Attention: Despite strict quality controls and greatest care, it's not always possible to remove all foreign particles in the green rumen completely (e.g. stones, metal, plastic particles and suchlike that were eaten by the grazers). Therefore we recommend you to check the products before feeding, if foreign particles are contained, because the health of your four-legged friend is dear to our hearts.

The ORGANIC-Green Rumen/Green Tripe is one of the four stomachs of the cattle. As dog food it is offered as ORGANIC-Green Rumen or as cleaned ORGANIC- Rumen. ORGANIC-Green Rumen/Green Tripe is absolutely untreated and has a fresh green colour even if frozen. It has a much higher food value than cleaned rumen, especially as numerous healthy bacteria can be found in the rumen walls. This product is minced, the structure of the rumen is still visible very good.

Composition: 100 % ORGANIC-Green Rumen/Green Tripe 
ORGANIC means for us: 100 % ecological, 100 % natural.

  • Refrigerated Item: Yes
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16 %
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75 %

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