Beef Heart & Lungs - Bundle

Nutrient-rich beef heart
Beef hearts are not only particularly tasty for dogs, they are also extremely rich in important nutrients such as iron, potassium and sodium, as well as vitamins A, B and D. Beef hearts are an absolute speciality when it comes to barfeeding, as they are large, strong muscles in their own right, which contain a high proportion of proteins, fat and vitamins typical of muscle meat. At the same time, however, beef heart also has a high purine content and, from an anatomical point of view, is considered offal, which is what it should be fed as when barfing.

100 % beef heart, minced

Beef lung: Low in calories for dogs on a diet
Perfect for every dog diet! Beef lung is extremely low in calories, its nutritional value is not particularly high, yet it provides many important minerals and vitamins as well as essential amino acids. This product is therefore very suitable for feeding dogs who need to watch their weight.

100 % beef lung, minced

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  • Product Type: Bundle
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