The Large Autumn-Package

A colorful mix of fresh meat from poultry and beef
The days are getting shorter, the sun's rays are getting cooler and the leaves are turning red and yellow before they finally fall from the trees - autumn is here! With our 24 kg BARF Autumn Package, your four-legged friend is well prepared for the colder days ahead, as it contains a tasty mix of muscle meat, offal and bones from beef, poultry and fish. A special highlight is our new Autumn Mix with seasonal fruits and vegetables such as pears and pumpkin.

Particularly tasty extras
In addition to the fresh meat, the package contains a dried beef ear for healthy and long-lasting nibbling fun as well as a bottle of high-quality cod liver oil to refine your dog's BARF meals. As a particularly tasty snack, you can also spoil your four-legged friend with the included dog hamburgers, which consist of 100 % finest beef muscle meat. The extra portion of beef fat also provides the necessary energy on the colder days.


1 Autumn Mix
1 beef liver
2 beef lung
2 chicken (minced)
2 chicken necks (minced)
1 beef neck meat (minced)
1 turkey meat (minced)
2 beef fat
1 green beef rumen (minced)
2 beef rumen mix
1 beef mix with rumen
1 cod liver oil
1 beef ear (dried)
3 fish (minced)
3 salmon (minced)
3 Dog Hamburgers
2 turkey neck (minced)
2 beef breat bone (minced)
1 game beef mix
2 rumen udder mix
  • Refrigerated Item: Yes
  • Taxation: Reduced rate
  • Product Type: Complete package
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